Kooks Beach Park

  • well-hidden beach area
  • Maui in the Paia area
  • Hana Highway
  • Spreckelsville Road

Kooks Beach is a very beautiful but a well-hidden beach area. It is located on the north side of Maui in the Paia area. To reach Kooks beach from the Hana Highway, near Kahului Airport, head north onto Spreckelsville Road this road quickly turns into Stable Road. Then drive about three-fourths of a mile it will lead you to a right-hand turn with yellow gates on either side. It leads you directly to the beach and its small parking lot.

The water is clear and a beautiful hue of blue. The area is mainly protected by an offshore reef so the water by the shore is pretty calm, assuming the ocean is calm.

There aren't any facilities or amenities which is why not many people revisit the beach nevertheless it is very calm, peaceful, secluded and has amazing views. These reasons are good enough to ignore the absence of facilities.

The locals here love to talk and share their island's history, tell stories of the days gone by and in the process even educate about the local culture and history. So if you visit the beach and meet an old timer let them tell you their story. These senior citizens can do a lot of things and outswim outdo and outrun people half their age. So calling them an old timer is to mention them in a respectful way because of the stories they will share and the memories you build spending some quality time with them will be unforgettable.